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Hello everyone.  My name is Josh Ruskin.  I’m from Boston and I’m currently working with SF Express International.  I’d like to share with you my experience of how I got here and why I joined SF.


My father and mother had traveled to China in the late 80’s for work.  China gave them a very good impression.  Actually, when I was born, my household already had the flavor of Chinese culture.  When I was 4 years old, my father taught me how to use chopsticks.  I grew up eating rice at home. When I was 9 years old, I took my first trip to China.  It was 1998.  As all of you know, at that time, China was a very different place.  


I still remember that trip like it was yesterday.  We traveled in a van through southern China.  I remember except for our car, almost everyone else was riding bicycles.  Most people had not seen an American before.  As a snack, I remember buying SUGAR CANE on the side of the road.  To a 9 year old kid, eating a sweet snack the size of my ARM was way better than a lollipop.


And the tea.  I was fascinated by the tea.  At one meal, in Guangzhou, I remember them preparing large tea cups full of different dried fruits, tea and small things.  A man walked in, and poured hot water from a 3 foot long tea spout across the table into my tea cup.  I later found out that this was called “Eight Treasure Tea”.  Kong Fu Tea.  He was so cool.  I turned to my dad and said “I want to learn how to do this”.  The waiter was very nice and helped me purchase a tea pot from a local tea store.  


When we returned to our hotel that night,I spent the next few hours practicing pouring the tea from the tea spout into the toilet.  Actually, I was so young, that the tea spout was too heavy.


After traveling for 2 weeks, I returned back to the US with a suitcase full of many memories from this trip:  My Kung Foo tea pot, tea, chopsticks, a silk jacket, and a kite.  After a short time, I soon realized that I missed China.  It was unlike any other place that I had ever been.


Over the next 7 years, I accompanied my dad on a few more trips to China, and fell deeper in love with the country and people.  I picked up a few very important words of Chinese as well: “我爸爸买单“, “来一瓶可乐” The two most important phrases.  


When I was 16 years old, my experience of  Kung Fu tea helped me get my first part time job.  I asked a friend  from China  send me 200 packs of 八宝茶。I also purchased 20 special tea cups from China, and went to the local Chinese restaurant in Boston to show the owner that I could pour Kong Fu Tea.


That year, I became the only person in America to serve Kung Fu tea to American customers.  The newspaper put my picture on the front page “American 16 year old boy brings special piece of Chinese culture to America”

当年我成为了美国的第一个功夫茶员。还上了Boston报纸,它写道 “十六岁的美国孩子把中国文化带来美国”。

This was a start in my journey to bring what I love about China to Americans.


When I was in University, I decided to focus on Business and Chinese.  This gave me the opportunity to spend 6 months studying Chinese at Peking University, where I fell even more in love with Chinese culture and history.  I tried many different foods, visited the great wall, ,road a bicycle to class, ate Chinese street food, listened to Chinese music, drank Pu er cha every morning, and immersed myself in the Chinese culture.  I was hooked.


Well, after returning to the US for 2 years, I decided that I needed to find a job in an industry that would allow me work closely with both America and China.   These two countries  are so dependent on each other.  


In the US, most things that people use on a daily basis, from Clothing to electronics, toys, daily necessities, are all manufactured in China.  China plays an important role in the lives of every American, and people from all over the world.


I also wanted to find a job that would allow me to share high quality products that are made outside of China, with the people that had played such a large impact on my life.  What industry would allow me to do this?


International Logistics.


When I found out that SF Express had just formed an International team, I contacted them immediately.  Since then, I’ve been a member of an incredible team that does just what I set out to do:  Develop innovative ways to reliably bring Chinese products to the US, and US products to China.  


After working together with our SF Express US team for 2 years, helping to bring a wide range of high quality US products to Chinese consumers through cross-border ecommerce, such as health supplements, clothing, shoes, electronics, baby products, and more, I decided to come to China to help our existing and future customers improve their cross-border business to the US.


Over the past year, I’ve visited many of our China based customers not only understand their experience using SF Express International products and how we can improve, but also to educate them on how to effectively sell to US customers through cross border e-commerce.  In parallel, SF Express has launched new services, specializing in B2C logistics from China to our other overseas regions, including Economy Express and eParcel services.


You do the excellent  e-commerce business.  We will do our part to provide excellent logistics service. I hope that we can work together through e-commerce in the future to help connect China to the rest of the world




About SF International Services

In the international logistics service field, SF is devoted to provide complete and convenient cross-border logistics solutions for worldwide E-commerce enterprises and consumers, help excellent Chinese enterprises to enter the international market and also introduce high-quality overseas commodity to China.



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