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Dear Sir,

We are an import company located in Hannover, and interested in your ladies jacket F963-08.

Pls give us your suitable price FOB Shanghai.




Dear Sir or Madam (注意替换):

Send you a cup of coffee and wish you will have a wonderful mood everyday... I am replying to your Buy Requirements in http://www.***.com/(信息来源渠道不同,注意替换)in which you indicated the need for ***(产品类别不同,注意替换).We, 公司名, Ready to be your Reliable Business Partner from China.


The price:

Payment Term:

Please send us your more details and specifications about your order. As you know, the price is mainly related with***(产品类别不同,影响价格的主要因素不同,注意替换). In addition,we also accept order according to the sample or manuscript you send to u .

we are professional supplier for ***(产品名) at competitive price, located in ***(公司地址). By now our products have been exported to ***(出口国别或地区). We are cooperation with many famous company ,such as ***

贴上几张公司的图片 ,验货间、样品间、生产线等图片

The following pictures may suit your market requirements.(也可以说The following pics are popular items and many customers are buying them for resale) Also you’re welcome to check our website(xxx) for more details and select your interested products…


At last could you let me know more about your business, and then we can help you better. I have several questions hopefully you could answer:(可以根据需要增加减问题)

1,Have you imported from China?

2,Your Annual Turnover Capacity?

3,Are you selling to domestic or worldwide?

Hope we can ***(这里根据所要求的合作意愿进行修改)!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards!


Dear Jack,

称呼尽量不要用Sir or Madam等泛称,假如知道对方的名字就直接写上,缩短和对方心理上的距离。

Thank you for your kindly inquiry dated on Apr. 9th regarding the Gas Cutter Machine.


The price for Gas Cutter Machines is as follows on the term of CIF Los Angeles in USD.

Gas Cutter Machine Mode No. NB-PB-037P USD32.56/Set

Gas Cutter Machine Mode No. NB-PB-037H USD39.75/Set

The payment term will be 30%T/T for deposit and the balance against the copy of B/L. And the L/C is also available for the first order.


All of our Gas Cutter Machines are meet the American API standard and best seller in North America. They would be double checked through our special examining instruments on our product line. Replacement Parts be packed separately with manual guide on the bottom of the carton who is free of charge.


12 Sets of Gas Cutter Machine be piled in a pallet. 16 pallets exactly fill a 20 feet container. The lead time is 3 weeks once the order is confirmed.


There will be highly appreciated if you could let us get your opinion on our quotation. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.


Best regards,

Mary Li

Sales Manager

ABC Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Tel: +86-571-0000000

Fax: +86-571-0000000

E-mail: abc@abc.com

Web: www.******.com

有一个略微个性化的签名档,可以使买家加深对供应商公司名称的印象。每次给买家回复都尽量用固定的格式,一方面展示专业的公司形象,另一个好处是日后要电话跟进买家时,便于买家回想起供应商曾经发来的邮件 。




It is good to hear from you.You inquired about my ***(产品)on September 15,2010 on abc.com.cn(网址).

The price as below:

Payment Term:

Delievery Time


You are not the only importer in ***(国家)that has asked us about***(产品). I have also received inquires from ABC company, ***company in***(国家),but they always inquired another kind of****(产品).I will introduce this kind of ***for you if you need.Would you like me to help you by making a special sample for you ***(国家)market?


We are a professional *** products manufacture with ***years experiences in China,offering over 1,500 various kinds of *** products and monthly output up to 3 millions pieces.We are the best manufacturer that you can trust in China.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.


Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your inquiry of August 12. Enclosed is our quotation sheet covering the items you required.

Our company has exported ***(产品名称) for many years to your country, Canada, England and other European countries. You may be sure that your order will be profitable.

As our yearly production is about 50,000 pieces, our prices are always reasonable.

We look forward to receiving your early reply.

Your faithfully,

Tony Li

*** co., Ltd

Website: www.***.com

Add: ***

Tel: *** Fax: ***

Email: ***

Enclosed a copy of the quotation

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